Hostile Tides™

Based on the classic arcade game Rampart, Hostile Tides puts you in charge of coastal defenses and destroying marauding enemy ships.  Strengthen and expand your walls to protect all the towns on the map.  Build powerful cannons to blast the enemy out of the water and the air.  Achieve total victory by conquering all 9 unique maps.

Hostile Tides now lets you choose between 2 different game modes; “Hostile Tides Mode” and “Rampart Mode”.  Think things through when building in Hostile Tides Mode or frantically place Tetris style wall blocks before the time runs out in Rampart Mode.

Gameplay Video: Rampart Mode

Hostile Tides also lets you choose between 3 levels of difficulty.  Can you achieve total victory on both game modes and all levels of difficulty?

Gameplay Video: Hostile Tides Mode

• Beautiful detailed graphics
• Original theme music
• 2 different game modes
• 3 levels of difficulty
• 9 unique maps
• 5 distinct enemy ships and 1 flying unit
• Mid game pause and auto save in case of interruption
• Video tutorial for Hostile Tides Mode, text tutorial for Rampart Mode
• Game statistics
• Flaming cannonballs!

• Upgrade your cannons as soon as you can
• Upgrade the walls next to your cannons to keep the cannons safe
• Enemy ships increase their accuracy every time they shoot, so destroy them quickly
• Flying machines are easiest to hit when they are close to your cannons